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pumpkin-breadClick above picture for step-by-step illustrated directions.

Let’s make cootie catchers! In Amy’s Choice, Amy learns how to make these origami-style fortune tellers from her new best friend Cat. Amidst laughter and popcorn, they use the cootie catchers to help Amy make some important choices.

Step 1: Using a square sheet of paper, bring two diagonal corners exactly together. Crease. Unfold and repeat with the remaining two corners. Crease again.

cootie catcher 1

Step 2: Fold each outside point precisely into the center.

Step 3: Without unfolding, flip the square over. Once again, fold all four outside points into the center.

cootie catcher 2

Step 4: Fold it in half. Unfold and then fold it in half the other way.

Now you get to make up the words for your cootie catcher. Following the example, you can add colors to four squares and numbers to the eight triangles. For the remaining eight spots, I used simple answers, but you might want to write fortunes instead, such as: ‘Tomorrow will be your lucky day! or “Mail is on the way!

cootie catcher 3

After you’ve filled it in, refold the catcher. Stick your thumbs and first two fingers into the four bottom pockets and then squeeze them up into the points to open and close. The first player chooses one of the outside colors. If it’s red, for example, open the catcher three times, once for each letter. (Up and down, side to side, up and down.) Next, they get to pick a number. For five, open and close five times. Then have them choose a last number and either ask a question or wait for a fortune—open, close, open, close as many times as required. If they ask, will it rain tomorrow and under the final flap it says: no way, then you’re both all set to play outside with your new cootie catchers!

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Click above to make your own Call Me Amy paper doll. For more about paper dolls, click here!

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