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Vintage Christmas

I wasn’t sure if I had time to sneak in one last post for 2017, but then while going through old pictures I decided why not just toss on a few. A nice excuse to again wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope those who celebrated Hanukkah this past …

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Ribbon Candy Crafts

Although many find it way too sweet and sticky, ribbon candy has long been a holiday staple. This thin hard candy was invented in Massachusetts by F. W. Washburn c. 1856. While still warm, the candy is crimped into shape, giving it a ribbon appearance and a glossy shine. Popular flavors include spearmint, cinnamon, orange and lime. …

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Holiday Baking

It’s that busy time of year. I pulled myself away from the computer and spent most of yesterday baking cookies for today’s annual cookie swap with my childhood friends. I think this is our 24th year! Since I needed 7 dozen and most recipes come out to less cookies than they state…I tripled the recipe …

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