Marcia Strykowski

Spring Fling Contest Entry

Rules include finding or making a GIF and then writing a short children’s story to go with it—maximum word count = 150. The crocus picture is from and the caterpillar is Anardi’s at I combined them (my first homemade gif attempt!) by using

My entry for the Spring Fling KidLit Contest:

by Marcia Strykowski

A crinkly-skinned critter crawls across the crocus patch.

“Who are you?” chirps a cranky cricket named Frank.

The newcomer smiles. “I’m Sloan.”

Frank admires the creature’s smile but he doesn’t trust her.

“Did you say Slug?” Frank fills with fear.

“No, my name is…” Sloan’s words disappear when Frank shouts.

“Slugs are slimy!” Frank scurries away.

Feeling sad and misunderstood, Sloan snoozes beneath a leaf.

Shaded from sunlight, Sloan swings and spins.

Day turns to night and night turns to day, again and again.

Frank frets from far away. Safe, but lonely.

One day, Frank sees a beautiful butterfly flutter past.

“Who are you?” he calls. 

The butterfly smiles.

“Well, I’ll be,” chirps Frank. “I know that smile!”

Sloan soars beyond the sky.

Frank follows with his eyes, then sighs.

“How I wish I’d given her a chance.”

Sloan swoops back into view. “It’s never too late to be friends!”


  1. Cathy Ogren

    I LOVE this Marcia! Best of luck!


  2. Very cute, Marcia. Happy Spring!


  3. Sweet!


  4. What a wonderful story and I love the gif you made. Good luck!!


  5. Thanks so much, Darlene!


  6. I love your story. Concise and perfect concepts!


  7. Aww, so cute! 💜 Never too late to be friends. 🦋


  8. I love your story and the images you picked. Perfect!


  9. Poor Sloan for feeling misunderstood, I’m glad the two of them have a second chance at becoming friends ❤️


  10. Marcia,
    Love the surprise at the end of your story, the alliteration, and the message!!! Good luck with the contest!


  11. Awww…this is really sweet. Good luck!


  12. This is terrific, Marcia. Best of luck !!


  13. Marcia, I love the story as well as the lesson learned!! Great job! 🙂


  14. This really is such a cute story, Marcia. You’ve done a great job with the GIF too.


  15. Aww super cute! Thanks for sharing this hopeful story for the spring fling Kidlit contest!


    • Thanks so much, Kaitlyn! I appreciate all the hours you’re putting in on this contest!


  16. PS I didn’t see the credit for the gif, please make sure to credit it 🙂


    • Hmm, did you see the three links above my story title (in orange)? They should go straight to the originals. The final at giphy is my own combination of the two pictures which still shows the bestanimations credit in the bottom righthand corner of the crocus layer. Please let me know if this still doesn’t cover everything. Thanks again!


  17. Bette Norton

    What an adorable story! Love the ending! Best of luck in the contest!


  18. Yay for second chances. Great lesson here!


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