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Moon Music

Since we’ve got our last supermoon of the year going on, it got me to thinking about how many great songs include the moon in their lyrics. A supermoon is a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit (which makes it look extra big). Today’s particular supermoon is also known as the Hunter’s Moon, because it’s the first full moon after the Harvest Moon we had back in September.
Full MoonHere are a few of my favorite songs about moons. Click on the album covers to watch original live versions of each song. (Except for the first sheet music picture which leads to a remarkable recording from 1909).

“Shine On, Harvest Moon” [1908]–click to listen!
harvest moon double“Moon River” written by Henry Mancini and made famous by Audrey Hepburn [1961] and South African singer Danny Williams, also in 1961. Later, American singer Andy Williams recorded a popular version of the song that you can hear here.
moon river andy“Fly Me to the Moon” made famous by Frank Sinatra [1964]
harvest moon 11“Moondance” by Van Morrison [1970]
harvest moon 7“Moon Shadow” by Cat Stevens [1971]
harvest moon 10“Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest [1973]
harvest moon 9“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young [1992] ❤ this video!
harvest moon 8I also like “Shoot the Moon” by Norah Jones, but I couldn’t find a good live recording. What about you? Got a favorite moon song?

Be sure to look up in the sky tonight to find your own full moon!


  1. ‘The Whole Of The Moon’ comes to mind, but I can’t think who sang it. I will have to look on Google after I’ve left this comment.
    Thanks for all the links I will enjoy listening to the songs.
    Don’t forget to make a wish next time you look at the moon.


    • Was it the Waterboys? I’ve just looked it up and am listening to it now on youtube–nice! You know, I wondered if there was a wish story with the moon, like there is with stars, but then didn’t look into it before I posted. Thanks for sharing, Barbara!


  2. I think I would go with Everyone’s Gone to the Moon sung by Chad & Jeremy. It was originally written and sung by Jonathan King in 1965. I am not sure when Chad & Jeremy released their version.

    It has brought back a lot of memories – listening to songs from that time period as I am writing this.


    • Great choice, Art! I’m listening to the Chad & Jeremy version as I type. It’s great that there are so many recordings out there to bring back memories.

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  3. I don’t have any moon songs but love your moon photo!


  4. I love all these moon songs. Thanks!


  5. My mom loved Moon River. Thank you for bringing back happy memories 🙂


  6. pierrmorgan

    What a great post! Love these recordings. I’m hearing, “Blue Moon” by ? -was it Rogers and Hart from one of their musicals ??


    • Yes! How could I forget “Blue Moon?” A beautiful song sung by many. I just looked it up–written by Rodgers & Hart in 1934 and performed by everyone from Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, to Elvis and Rod Stewart. Lovely version by Nat King Cole, too. Thanks, Pierr!


  7. Marcia– what fun to have links to all these songs!! Love the old Frank Sinatra & Any Williams– but our sentimental favorite is Moondance– When we were dating, we would take walks around the blocks to have a break from sitting with the family and Larry would sing this song to me! fun fun post!


    • Thanks for sharing your happy memory, Rhonda. Moondance is one of my long-time favorites, too. 🙂


      • After I left that message I you-tubed through a whole Van Morrison concert that came from your link. Thanks Marcia!!


  8. Love all these great moon songs! This summer I heard Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul, and Mary) sing “Cue the Moon” – here’s a link with the fun story behind what inspired him to write it:


  9. Ashley

    These are all so awesome, couldn’t stop listening. I think I like the last video the best, but it was hard to choose!!


    • That’s great, Ashley. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the music!


  10. I have two: “How High The Moon,” Emmylou Harris’ version, and “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” an old Bluegrass version. The Beatles need to be mentioned with “Mr. Moonlight.”


    • Nice additions, Lynn. I remember “Blue Moon of Kentucky” (just listened to the Patsy Cline version). As much as I love Emmylou and the Beatles, I think both of the other songs are new to me. Thanks!


  11. Bette Norton

    What a fun post! I enjoyed going down memory lane and listening to all of the songs about the beautiful moon! Moon River sung by Andy Williams has always been a favorite of mine! A very fun and creative post! Thank you Marcia for the memories!


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