Marcia Strykowski

Tick-Tock Lots of Clocks

Have you ever been to the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania? So many beautiful clocks of all shapes and sizes. The most impressive clock in the museum is featured at the end of this post.


12,000 clocks and watches!


Wait for it, my favorite is still to come…



At the age of 20, Stephen D. Engle, a self-taught dentist, began making the first known monumental clock. It took the father of seven more than 20 years to complete, but WOW, what a clock! The clock went on tour for the next 70 years and then disappeared until the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors tracked it down. Major restoration began and now it can be enjoyed by all visitors to the museum. There are 48 moving figures, as well as music and intricate details. To see Stephen’s clock in action, click on the picture below.DSC00115See you next time! (Time, get it?)


  1. pierrmorgan

    AMAZing clock. Now that’s a labor of love. And I really like that roll top desk…would be great for writing. All those spots for Post-Its and manuscript pages…


    • Love those big old desks. One of my procrastination lines: “I could do great work if I had one of those.” 🙂 Thanks, Pierr!


  2. I think I would love that museum!


  3. Ashley

    That video is amazing! I can’t believe how many beautiful details he added to his clock.


  4. Nice post. I love these kind of clocks. Did you buy any?


    • The best clocks were only for viewing, although they do have a small gift shop. I didn’t buy anything. Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Bobbi Miller

    O my! This is fascinating! Just, wow!


    • Thanks, Bobbi! I found the museum a really interesting way to learn about the history and traditions of keeping time.


  6. Savannah Hendricks

    Looks like fun…but I actually have a slight fear of clocks. I guess knowing time is disappearing is a sad thing.


    • Time does go much too quickly. A reminder for us all to live in the moment. Thanks for sharing your interesting perspective, Savannah!

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  7. Bette Norton

    A very interesting post! I love all the clocks especially the one at the end! Fascinating to see all of the figures coming in and out of the clock!. I would love to go there someday! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • There were so many clocks there, from sundials to modern. Thanks for your comment, Bette!


  8. The clock is so amazing! I was quite intrigued with Jesus and the 12 Apostles. Though I think it’s beautiful, I’d be inclined to watch the clock and never get any writing done! haha


    • When the clock was on tour, thousands of people bought tickets to watch it do its thing. Watching it every fifteen minutes, would be a bit distracting, though. Thanks, Lynn, happy writing!


  9. Hello Marcia, I haven’t (visited the National Watch & Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania), but I would love to. What a wonderful array of amazing things and Stephen D. Engle’s clock is the most amazing of all. x


    • Thanks, Barbara, it was fun to see such a wide variety of clocks, especially the demonstration of Stephen’s special one.


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