Marcia Strykowski

Cape Celebrates Literacy!

The third annual Cape AuthorFest was held yesterday in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It was a privilege to participate in this impressive event.???????????????????????????????The fair is run by a super-powered team, led by Superintendent of Schools Meredith Nadeau and her husband Travis Nadeau. I’m sure it took many volunteers and sponsors, as well. A friendly group of Bull Moose staffers handled all the book sales. I wished I could buy books from all 70 authors, but there were way too many choices (all at discounted prices!). I’ll certainly be suggesting some favorite titles for our children’s librarian to consider. As you can see from the picture below, the AuthorFest team does a wonderful job promoting the festival to members of the close-knit community and beyond.The event was perfectly timed with a Maine Association of School Libraries conference being held across the street. The enthusiastic librarians popped over during their breaks.

really big crowdLovely designed T-shirts (with all our names on the back) along with snacks and drinks were passed out to the authors and illustrators. And then, after we packed up our displays, I thought there might be a few cold cuts and rolls, but nope, we were presented with an authentic Maine lobster luncheon, complete with all the fixings and blueberry cake to follow.

lobster dinner finalThank you Cape Elizabeth AuthorFest team for everything!

I couldn’t be that close to Portland Head Light without stopping by on the way home. Aside from a very brisk wind, it was picture perfect.

???????????????????????????????All in all a great day! Click here if you’d like to know more about the fair and who participated. 


  1. Wow, gorgeous, it did look like an absolute picture perfect day. And what a great event, sounds like the organizer know what they’re doing. Plus, that lunch- yum! I always feel a bit guilty when I go to things like this, too, b/c I want to buy and support everyone, but yanno, I’m not exactly rolling in the big bucks. =)


    • It was very well organized. I appreciate you taking time from your super busy schedule to leave a comment, Leandra. Thanks!


  2. mirkabreen

    The Cape Elizabeth photo is so superbly stunningly beautiful. I’m glad you had such fitting and gorgeous venue for your book.


    • Thanks, Mirka. It’s a gorgeous area and I love inhaling the salty air.


  3. Vijaya

    Looks lovely, Marcia! What a great turn-out!


    • Yes, I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd and they kept coming for four hours. Thanks, Vijaya!


  4. Wow, this seems like a great event!



  5. Bette Norton

    What a wonderful event for fellow authors to promote their books and to be in community with each other. Gorgeous picture of Portland Head Light! Sounds like the perfect day! 🙂


    • It was a privilege to be among such a large group of talented children’s book authors and illustrators. Thanks!


  6. Lovely to see so many smiling people, it really looks as though everyone was having a good day.
    Your photo of the lighthouse is stunning.


  7. I wish I had crossed paths with you at the Author Fest, Marcia–thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. Next time, I’ll know to look out for you and in the meantime, I’ll get my hands on your books.


    • Thanks, Katie! I’ll add your book to my Want to Read list, as well.


  8. Ashley

    Looks great! What a beautiful location!!


  9. Fantastic. Glad you had fun. Many thanks for following my blog.


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