Marcia Strykowski

Valentine’s Day Fun

valentine flower blue3Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, so I thought I’d share some quick and easy crafts. To make a lollipop flower, cut out four hearts about 3″ tall from construction paper. Punch a hole in the point of each heart. Layer all the hearts on top of each other so that the punched holes line up, add a little glue if needed, and then stick a lollipop through to make a center and stem. For a fuller flower, layer with six hearts.???????????????????????????????

This second valentine craft will add a fancy touch to your cup of tea. First, cut out two small hearts (I used a cookie cutter for my template). Tape a teabag string between the hearts, and glue the two hearts together to cover the end of the string. Write a saying on the front and you’re all set to drop your teabag into a mug of steaming water.

???????????????????????????????Amy has been busy choosing Valentine’s Day cards for her friends.valentine trio blueUh oh. She has one extra. Should she give a second Valentine to Ricky or to Craig? If you’ve read Amy’s Choice, you’ll already know who she ends up going with to the Fall Harvest dance. 🙂ValentineDanceTime

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  1. Bette Norton

    Cute crafts for Valentine’s Day! I love the ole fashion valentine cards from the 1970’s during Amy’s time! A very fun post!


  2. Love those old timey valentines. The heart flower is so cute (love the idea of using a lollipop that way. 🙂


  3. Happy Valentine’s – thank you for your kind comment. I recognize the Neddick light in your banner now that you tell me you are from Port Clyde. All the best to you.


    • Thanks, Victor, same to you! I’ve been to PC many times, so beautiful there.


  4. Love the crafts — fun!


  5. Ted

    Hi, another great post!


  6. I love the tea bag idea. What a cute way to surprise a loved one with a message and heart. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, Jess. I like that they don’t take a lot of supplies or preparation, too.


  7. Ashley

    These crafts look fun. I love Amy’s card choices for her friends. Ricky’s is perfect!! I remember them having strawberry frappes in the second book!!


  8. That last valentine looks oh so familiar. I’ll have to dig out my mother’s scrapbook 🙂 (Of course they are from my era, not my mother’s…) . Vintage always makes a great post.


    • All the valentines from that era seem to have a familiar look. Makes you wonder how many different designs they used. Thanks for your comment!


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