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Holiday Magic


For those of you who enjoyed my Massachusetts-based Thanksgiving post: here, the above winter scene was painted by F. Gleason, who was also from the Boston area. And now for another historic gem from the Bay State–the world famous tune of Jingle Bells (The One Horse Open Sleigh) was written by James Pierpont of Medford, MA in 1850. Click Jingle Bells for a delightful version sung by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters in the early 1940s.

jingle bells medford 2

There are so many events and activities to choose from during the holidays. One year we attended a dinner theater performance where Charles Dickens’s great great grandson performed A Christmas Carol. He is shown below, after the show, signing our programs. Here is his events schedule.

DSC06659 - Copy

Our Children’s Librarian made this attractive display from old books we had in storage.

hpl book tree 1 - Copy

snowflake1These three-dimensional snowflakes are fun to create. You can choose to make giant ones to hang from the ceiling, or tiny shiny flakes to decorate packages. Here are the easy instructions: Paper Snowflakes.

gingerbread cookiesClick the tab at top for more Recipes & Crafts.

Enjoy the season!


  1. Holiday Magic indeed – what a delightful post. I enjoyed listening to Jingle Bells while reading, and I love the winter scene at the top. Happy Holidays Barbara x


    • I love anything Bing Crosby sings. Happy Holidays to you, too, Barbara!


  2. Joyce Teal

    I have actually been to Savannah, GA where this plaque is located. Remember the movie, Forest Gump? It is in the same square where Forest is waiting for the bus. My grandmother’s house, where I lived as a young child, is near the Fellsway which is the “over the hills and through the woods” in the song! Makes me feel so close to home to read your post! Thanks


    • Hi Joyce! Actually the plaque in this photo is in Medford, MA, but you’re right, there is another one in GA. Pierpont was born in MA, and died in GA. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!


  3. Bette Norton

    I always loved the Christmas Carols, especially Jingle Bells. I believe that was the first carol I learned to sing! It is nice to learn the history of it. I had the pleasure of seeing one of Gerald Dickens, great grandson of Charles Dickens performances. He does an amazing performance! I love the “book Christmas tree!” Very creative and festive! I am actually making gingerbread men cookies today! Christmas is indeed a magical time of the year! Thank you for reminding us of that through the busyness the season can bring!


    • You certainly seem to have the Christmas spirit, Bette. Enjoy all your activities!


  4. Ashley

    I liked learning about Jingle Bells and I plan to make your gingerbread cookies today. Merry Christmas, Marcia!


  5. What a glorious painting! I read ‘Dickens’ on your blog post description on BB and just had to pop over. Happy to learn that A Christmas Carol is still very much alive this time EVERY YEAR. Happy holidays, Marcia!


    • A Christmas Carol is such a wonderful, timeless story. My children used to participate in a local theater rendition and we got to really know the play well. Enjoy the season, Claudine!


  6. mirkabreen

    Love the scenic painting. It is nostalgic in the best sense, for something ephemeral that is just the way we want to remember… And that roof of books- lovely.


  7. Love the books-tree! And long to visit Massachusetts someday! BTW I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog award. Details here:

    Happy New Year in advance 🙂


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