Marcia Strykowski

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Miss Patty is the children’s librarian at the public library where I work. On the day before Mother’s Day, she hosted a Fancy Nancy-style tea party. Here she is serving lemonade:???????????????????????????????

So many pretty dresses!fn tea 2

There’s always time to sneak in some reading:fn tea 1

Everyone enjoyed sipping lemonade, and nibbling on pretty sandwiches and cookies.???????????????????????????????

Sharing secrets and saying cheers! to a toast:fn tea 4


Maybe it’s time to check out your own local library. If it’s anything like ours, there will be lots of fun programs for all ages.

YAY for Fancy Nancy and Miss Patty! fn tea 3



  1. leandrajwallace

    What fun! I’m sure those little girls(and older ones) had such a fun time. I mean, I’m 30, and every time I see the Fancy Nancy books, I’m like- ‘ooh, sparkles!’ =)


  2. Ashley

    It sounds like you work at a fun library. Wonderful photographs!


  3. mirkabreen

    What a plethora of fancy princesses all in one room… Lovely.


  4. Ooh, that looks like fun! I was such a girlie-girl as a kid. I would’ve loved a party like that.


  5. Carol

    Great post! Keep up the good writing.


  6. Ted

    Great blog here!


  7. What a fun day!


  8. Cute! Is that what I missed by not having kids?


    • I’m sure there are plenty of extra kids around who’d love to bring you to a tea party! 🙂


  9. Bette Norton

    Looks like a wonderful day for all!!!


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