Marcia Strykowski

April in England

“Oh, to be in England now that April’s there.” —Robert Browning

Cottage & tulips

I thought I’d do a bit of armchair traveling today. A few years ago, when my son was studying at Oxford, I visited England in April. We saw all the London sights, enjoyed plenty of banoffee pie, visited the haunts of Dickens, Keats, Lewis, Barrie, Carroll, and Tolkien, and took the Chunnel to Paris. But nothing compared to the beauty of April in England. Kensington Gardens, Hampstead Heath, Kew Gardens, and Oxford, all in full bloom, are unforgettable.


new 9

I don’t know the men in the photographs below, one in Hampstead Heath, the other in Oxford, but don’t they look like they are thinking grand thoughts?

poets perhaps

“I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember, the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking.” —William Butler Yeats


  1. Gayle

    Stunning photographs. Thanks for sharing.


  2. leandrajwallace

    Oh, wow, those are gorgeous gardens! I’m dying to just get some leaves on the trees around here. And those tulips- now I want some purple ones!


    • I know, I think our snow is finally melted, but where are those tulips?


  3. Lovely photos!



  4. Thank you for saying such nice things about my homeland. England is looking its best just now – just like in your ‘photos.


  5. Bette Norton

    Beautiful photos Marcia!!! I was there in April 39 years ago, and I still remember the beautiful gardens!!! Wonderful post!!


  6. mirkabreen

    There’s a famous old song , April in Paris. Your post makes me want to write an April in England version.


    • A beautiful song. Good idea to make a version for England. Let us know when you’re done. 🙂


  7. These pictures are just beautiful. Thanks for letting me do a bit of traveling with you today. Looks like a lovely trip. Now I want to go to England. 🙂


  8. Wow, England is beautiful in Spring. I wonder what those gentlemen might be thinking, too. When I do travel around England, I WILL visit Dickens’s museum-home.


    • I enjoyed the Dickens museum. I hope you get there, soon, Claudine!


  9. Ashley

    Such beautiful photographs! Your chunnel trip must have been fun, as well.


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