Marcia Strykowski

Are you a Collector, or a Saver?

As a nice tribute, several people recently posted pictures of their Shirley Temple dolls, so I decided to dig out a few of my vintage dolls, too. I did a quick search online, but couldn’t find any Annette dolls wearing this same outfit. There was a Sweetie-Pie and an old Minnie Mouse on Ebay (in poor condition). I also had to look up the terms to make sure I’m using them right. Apparently, over 100 years old equals antique. Over 40-50 years old means vintage. And retro would be more recent, like 1980s and 90s. Other old dolls I remember were Kewpie and the Campbell’s Soup Kids.

Three vintage dolls plus a troll to hide Annette’s bare feet.

To connect this post to the rest of the website, I’ll give you another sneak peek into Amy’s Choice, the companion book to Call Me Amy. In Amy’s Choice, there is a mention of trolls—along with rat fink rings, does anyone else remember those?

I don’t consider myself to be a collector, but I am definitely a saver. Not everything, just things that somehow end up becoming a collection. For example, I never planned to collect PEZ, but my kids liked the candy. Every time they tossed a container, I’d stash it away.


Below is proof that I was a girl scout! Me in my ‘brownie’ shirt. I didn’t have too many badges, and I remember I focused on the easy ones. Now I see there were a few more checked off in my handbook, but I never received them. ( Rip-off! I guess I should have thought about those missing badges sooner.) The ones shown (from top left) are My HomeMagic Carpet (described as: To discover what you can do with stories and books to give pleasure to others—yes!) Collector (looks like I lied about collecting…) Health Aid, and My Camera. I never did sew on the last badge—Troop Dramatics. The little yellow elf shoe emblem still hangs from a pin.

girl scout stuff

For more of my treasures, see  Beloved Old Treasures , Trixie Belden , and Foreign Language Picture Books.

What do you collect or save?


  1. I collect cookbooks. One that is my pride and joy is a find at a garage sale–a 1943 Joy of Cooking that has rationing recipes.


  2. Ashley

    Your dolls are beautiful! I don’t remember rat fink rings, but I very much like your scouting picture.


  3. I’m not much of a collector, except for books. I collect hard-bound editions of the classics. Thanks for sharing your passion!


  4. mirkabreen

    There’s nothing like moving half a world away to shed the collectables of yore. But, like you, I find that eBay has brought some of them back to me. Alas, I’m a collector and that hasn’t changed.


    • Yes, moving must do that. I’ve never bought anything from eBay, but it’s fun to see what’s on there. Enjoy your collections!


  5. I didn’t realize there was a break-down for the categories like that- but makes sense! Besidses ampersands, you could say I collect scarves. I have a lot, and I’m always looking for my next one!


    • Your ampersands are certainly unique! Scarves make a nice collection, too.


  6. Oh those candy dispensers, I think I might have the Donald Duck one! I used to collect erasers and perfumed notebooks. God, my sisters and I loved those sort of things.


    • Yes, erasers and notebooks—quirky writing supplies are fun to collect!


  7. Nancy M.

    great blog!!! living by the ocean…I too have salt water taffy in my house most of the time…love my Shirley Temple, Lucille Ball ,and Wizard of Oz dolls too!! I have a nice collection of teacups from my mother that I love..Cookie jars are a favorite of mine too!!!


  8. I tend to use the term vintage on everything, so I was interested to read your definitions, I must try to remember them.
    I think I’m a collector and a saver – or just someone who can never throw anything away!


  9. Bette Norton

    I love your PEZ collection!! Your Girl Scout pics brought me right back!! I love the dolls too! I had an original Tiny Tears doll which I loved so much. She had a glass head and could cry real tears!! I have many different collections, teddy bears, clowns, Annalee dolls, Angels, magnets and the list goes on!! Unfortunately I am a collector and a saver too, which creates a very cluttered house!! 😦


    • A cluttered home, filled with fun things, is better than spotless and dull!


  10. I collect owls, books, pens, and art deco collectibles. I used to involuntarily collect rejection slips, but I threw away that collection when I moved. 😉


    • Nice collections! Good move to get rid of rejection slips. I’ve always saved mine, too, but I’m not sure why…


  11. Love the pez collection! I am a collector at heart! Over the years I have collected Snapple tops (because of the sayings on the back), boxes, furniture shaped tea pots and tape measures with advertisements on them. It is a sickness!


  12. Adriene

    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you
    if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog
    and look forward to new posts.


  13. Kyle

    Wonderful stuff, just wonderful!


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