Marcia Strykowski

TV Interview

YIKES! My first TV interview is on the air. The Write Now program showcases authors who have successfully published a book in today’s rapidly changing publishing environment with the goal of encouraging viewers to write. Although I would have liked to have the questions first, I somehow muddled through. 🙂 Click on the above picture to see a shortened version of the half hour program (I could only fit 15 minutes). If you’d like to watch the full episode, contact me and I’ll direct you to the original.


  1. Hi Marcia,
    How great it has been to see you on youtube and to HEAR you for the first time !!!
    It is a very good surprise ! I had subscribed to your blog a few months earlier.
    I wish you a lot of readers for your novel.
    I am so glad to see your success !
    Love from
    Maryse (France)


    • Hi Maryse! Yes, now you’ve heard my New England accent. 🙂 I remember how fun it was to hear your voice for the first time on a music recording, years ago. Thanks so much for your comment. ♥


  2. leandrajwallace

    How cool is this! On my way to pull out the tablet and watch it on there- my hunk of junk computer doesn’t do sound. =/


  3. mirkabreen

    Just watched. Wonderful. Even more about the book, which is in my to-read pile. It’s a treat to see and hear someone I’ve only “seen” in static images & posts.


  4. Wow, you look and sound great–confident and not at all nervous! 🙂


  5. Ashley

    How wonderful to see you! I’m learning alot about publishing from you.


  6. Bette Norton

    A great interview!! The interviewer seemed very impressed with your trailer!! You were very poised and confident, like you do these all the time!! Congratulations!! I will be purchasing two more, Call Me Amy’s for my friend’s grandchildren who live in Maine!!! I am looking forward to your sequel to Call Me Amy!!! A wonderful interview for a most delightful book!!!


  7. beckyshillington

    This is so cool, Marcia! Congratulations! I can’t imagine having the presence of mind to successfully complete an interview–you should be very proud of yourself! = ) Your book sounds wonderful, as well!


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