Marcia Strykowski

Happy New Year

party punch

Can’t you just picture Miss Cogshell bustling around her kitchen as she whips up this special punch? Perhaps she is making it for a function to be held in the basement of the Port Well’s Baptist church, located just up the road from her seaside home. Whatever the occasion, you can bet it will taste delicious. Enjoy and have a magical New Year!

For those of you who have yet to meet Miss Cogshell, you’ll find her in CALL ME AMY, the first of two tween novels that take place in a tiny fishing village on the coast of Maine.


  1. mirkabreen

    I assume Miss Cogshell is waiting for us with her super fruity punch up there in Maine… Happy New Year to her and you both!


  2. Bette Norton

    Sounds yummy! Yes, I can picture Miss Cogshell whipping up this punch!!
    Happy New Year Miss Cogshell and to you too Marcia!!!


  3. I do like drinks with pineapple juice, so Miss Cogshell’s punch sounds very tasty. I’m a little late but Happy New Year, Marcia!


  4. Ashley

    Delicious. Happy new year!


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