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For centuries, people around the world have been fascinated by lighthouses. They can be found on dangerous coastlines, islands, and harbors. Before their existence, people would light fires along the shore to guide sailors. One of the very first (and tallest!) lighthouses was built in Egypt around 280 BC. The first in America was built in 1716 in Boston Harbor, but was destroyed during the Revolutionary War. The current lighthouse, located on Little Brewster Island, dates from 1783.

A lighthouse features in the sequel to Call Me Amy. Naturally, I had to do some research. 🙂 Here are pictures of a few I’ve recently visited. I climbed all 185 steps of the one shown top middle–what a view from the top!lighthouse collage


  1. mirkabreen

    Lighthouses always seem like HOPE to me… A sailor’s family expects him back.


    • Hope is a wonderful word to use in regard to lighthouses. The mournful horn and bright beams send rays of hope out to all those at sea.


  2. Love lighthouses:)Great pictures:)


  3. leandrajwallace

    All so picturesque! I’d love to get to climb to the top of a lighthouse someday. I’ll have to add that to the bucket list.


  4. Ashley

    Your pictures are beautiful. I’m glad you got a tour!


  5. Thanks for your comments, Leandra and Ashley!


  6. Bette Norton

    I love light houses!! They are a beacon of hope and light!! Two of them you show here, I have visited!! I look forward to reading about the lighthouse in your sequel to Call Me Amy!! A great post!!


  7. mvobsession

    Thank you for commenting on my post ‘A Vineyard Christmas’. In looking at your blog I noticed your love of lighthouses… I’m a fan of them also.
    Here’s a view from the Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard.
    Have you ever been there ?


    • I haven’t been there, but will add it to my bucket list–nice post!


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