Marcia Strykowski

Book Jewelry

One Saturday I was strolling through Hobby Lobby when I happened upon two little packs of ‘beads.’ Each package had three book charms in it AND they were half-price. Of course I had to buy them. Next, I hunted for some sort of open-link chain to put the little classics on. I found a pretty one at A. C. Moore. After I finished attaching the charms to the necklace, I realized they matched my old book pin. Working at a library, I can get away with wearing all nine books at once. I guess you could say I’m all booked up!

book jewelry - Copy


  1. misterk3

    Very good post! 🙂


  2. Bette Norton

    Very clever!!! I love your book necklace!!! It is so perfect for you!! I wore my “old book pin” to your book launch last May for “Call Me Amy!!!” A fun post!!!


  3. This is adorable and congrats on your book! Thanks for the reassurance. I am sure that it will get better, but sometimes my thoughts just runaway with me. I will toughen up and take smart chances 😀


  4. mirkabreen

    Brilliant, Marcia. I want one of those chains.


  5. What a lovely necklace! I love finding ‘steals’ like that out at places, it can brighten up a day by 100%!


  6. Fantastic:) Great idea:)


  7. What a great necklace! And it would be perfect for booksignings. 🙂


  8. Yes, it’s fun to wear to book events. Thanks for your comments!


  9. This is an ADORABLE set, Marcia! Wear it with pride.


  10. These are awesome! I hope you feel absolutely bookish wearing them =)


  11. carol pennisi

    So cute. I would love to see a librarian wearing that!


  12. you had me at the words ‘Hobby Lobby’…I absolutely love it, and I am having necklace envy!


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