Marcia Strykowski

Just do it!

typewriterI’m always running into people who say they want to write a book or that they have a great idea for a story. Easy to say, but maybe now is the time to really give it a try, to walk your talk. You can keep hoping to do this someday or you can just dig in and accomplish your goal while others are still talking about it. Writing doesn’t have to take a lot of time, even one page a day will give you a 365 page draft before the year is out. After you’ve got that draft, it’s time to revise and polish. A great way to do this is by joining a writing group. Be prepared for the possibility of harsh feedback. True, writing is subjective, but that’s why a group is good. When more than one person tells you a passage is unclear, it probably really does need reworking. Writing takes a tough skin, however those who stick with it, will someday have their book.

Whether it actually gets published is another story, but if you’re serious and in this field for the long run, you can achieve that, as well. Here are a few examples of children’s books that took a while to shine. Luckily for us, their authors didn’t give up. 

16 publishers rejected THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. Here’s one of their comments: “The girl doesn’t, it seems to me, have a special perception or feeling which would lift that book above the ‘curiosity’ level.” Before going on to win a Newbery Medal, A WRINKLE IN TIME was rejected by 26 publishers. LORD OF THE FLIES—20 times. And of course, the first HARRY POTTER book was returned unwanted by 12 publishers. Here’s the winner for this group: Dr. Suess’s first book received 27 rejections.

Easier said than done, but hang in there and happy writing!

If any of you have your own tips for getting the job done, please click just above the typewriter and leave a comment.


  1. Bette Norton

    Thought provoking words!! A great message for anyone who has dreams and goals they hope to achieve!!. To never give up! It is in the journey that we reap the most benefits not the destination. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the journey!! Another great post!!!


  2. mirkabreen

    I recall Woody Allen saying to a fan who exclaimed that he always wanted to write a play, to *just write the play.* Only in the doing you’ll find out if this is real, or idle talk.


    • Thanks, Bette and Mirka! That’s a good Woody Allen saying–thanks for sharing.


  3. My advice is always to write just two sentences a day. Of course, once someone has written two sentences, he/she goes on to write several more. 🙂


  4. Interesting post:)


  5. Writing a book can be so hard- but the awesome feeling of accomplishment when you’ve finished it is what keeps me plugging away, day after day! =)


  6. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement~ I love your examples (A Wrinkle in Time rejected by 26 publishers???)


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Jessica. Thanks for stopping by!


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