Marcia Strykowski

Library Work

It’s so much fun to work at a public library surrounded by books and those who love them. We’ve just taken down our staff art exhibit. The display included photographs, paintings, pastels, and needlework. Here is a fuzzy close-up of my contribution.

staff exhibit

Besides all the fun events, another great thing about working at the library is I get to hear firsthand how readers like my book. In the beginning it was mostly friends and older patrons, and I figured some were just being kind. But now all the kids are checking it out. The other night while I was working at the front circulation desk, three young girls, all unbeknownst to each other, came in at different times to return my book (our library owns a dozen copies :)). The first girl, about 12 years old, asked if I could recommend other books like Call Me Amy. I told her “that’s so nice to hear!” She replied: “I really liked it. I like books that are a little sad, but then happy in the end.” The other two kids were enthusiastic, too, and both said they couldn’t wait for the sequel. Here is a picture of another young patron at the book club event we held earlier in the summer.



  1. Ashley

    You’re a good artist.


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