Marcia Strykowski


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Eastern Egg Rock, an island off the coast of Maine, used to have plenty of puffins, but by 1973 they had all vanished. Between 1973 and 1986, Audubon naturalists, led by Dr. Stephen W. Kress, transported young puffins from Newfoundland (where there are plenty of puffins) and reintroduced them to Eastern Egg Rock. Vitamin fortified fish was placed in their burrows until the puffins were ready to be on their own. After several years at sea, the first transplanted pairs returned in 1977. To encourage the curious young puffins to come ashore, wooden puffin decoys were positioned here and there on the rocks. Today there are over 100 pairs nesting on Eastern Egg Rock. If you’d like to get involved, look into Project Puffin. A picture of my adopted puffin, Abigale, is shown on the About the Author page.

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